Links to Writer's Resources

Here are a few links that have a lot to offer to writers and readers.

www.amazon.com  The best source for online book buying. Discs, too.  They have interesting articles and interviews with current writers.

http://the-tech.mit.edu/shakespeare/works.html    Shakespeare - The works. The complete works and nothing but the works.   The whole Enchilada.

http://www.benedict.com The Copyright Website. All you need to know and more.

http://www.adaweb.com  A poetry and writing and graphics site.  These guys really push the edge of what's possible.   Very interesting.

http://www.writers-free-reference.com   This site and the one before it have enough links and information to satisfy most insomniacs.  Beyond that, it has pertinent reference material for anyone concerned about writing, reading, and creative endeavors in general.

http://www.wonderfulworldpublishing.com The mother ship. 

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